Three Types of Male Dress Shoes

Three Types of Male Dress Shoes

Over the past centuries, the design and built of men’s shoes have rarely changed unlike its women’s counterpart. Males do not typically care much for intricate designs and crazy colors or accessories, this is the primary reason why males can stick with a few pair of shoes in their lifetime whereas the females must have every design and color imaginable. But we are not here to compare both gender and their shoes spending habits on this article, rather we are going to talk about the basic chart of the right shoes that go well with the suits for every single occasion.

Despite the lack of variety compared to women shoes, males still find it difficult to find the right shoes for a particular occasion. Often they get an invitation to a rather formal event and they instantly know what they would like to wear for the occasion, however, once they have put the ensemble altogether and as they make their way to the shoe racks, they realize they do not know which shoes to wear. Either that, or they are not absolutely sure whether or not the dress shoes they own would go well with the outfit. As much as they would like to believe that no other male would point out the fact that their shoes do not mesh well with the suits, and whether they like it or not, it still affects their confidence. Other people may not know, but they do and that affects them. Are you one of those people? If so, take a look at our comprehensive guide so you won’t have to relive the embarrassment ever again.
The BrogueThe Brogue

Looking for a timeless and elegant dress shoes so versatile you can wear it and get away with it? The Brogue is the perfect shoes. This classic perforated leather shoes is commonly worn with formal suits, but they also work incredibly well for those wanting to wear preppy casual or smart denim style. But don’t forget to polish them every once in a while – your shoes will thank you!
The DerbyThe Derby

This type of shoes is a branch of Brogues, however, the huge difference lies in the fact that this type of shoes features opened-lace with noticeable eyelet-tabs which are shown on each of its uppers. With that being said, it’s safe to say that unlike the classic Brogue, the Derby gears more towards casual outfit – definitely a great match with sharp shirt and trousers or blazer and trousers combination.
The OxfordThe Oxford

Looking for a middle ground between the Brogue and the Derby? The Oxford is, indeed, the answer. This type of shoes is highly regarded as a nice middle ground simply due to the fact that it combines both the elegance of Brogue and hints of casual from the Derbys. Unlike the Derby, the Oxford has a closed-lace and double-stitched as well as double-soled. A perfect pair of shoes for those aiming for a look of a true gentlemen. These shoes go well with dark selvedge denim jeans and even a tailored suit.

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